Remodeling projects, big or small, should not be taken lightly. One missed thing can cost you time and a lot of money. We handle all projects strategically and meticulously to avoid mishaps. Lots of people only look at price while neglecting quality of work which we believe are equally important. 

Remodeling Services


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Full House Remodels

Conversion Remodels

Remodeling Essentials

Remodeling a space can be basic or it can be involved.  We specialize in all remodeling types whether you are looking to keep the same layout or looking to relocate one on more items. Please be aware that relocating items can involve a possible price increase. The amount of price increase depends on the structure of the building, the length of the run and unforeseen issues not seen before construction started. Every structure is different and we will explain such instances so you have an idea of what may be involved.

When meeting our clients to discuss a project, our evaluation of the space allows us to give you a price range based off what we see. The price range we give is simply to let you know if using our service fits into your budget. The reason this done is to not leave you guessing while we drawing up our formal estimate. Our estimates are very close to accurate when detailing price. Expect itemized cost for all labor, rentals (dumpster, temporary facilities, etc.) and building materials. If permits are needed, these cost will not be determined until after being submitted and approved by your local municipality.

Remodeling Phases

One of the most common questions we get when a client decides to use our services is "When do we start". The simple response we give to that question is, "It Starts Now". All major projects are organized in approximately 5 strategic phases which allows things to run smoothly and on time. Also, when planning a project we are able to determine a realistic time frame as to when a project is completed.

Please remember that every situation is different and each project we build may require more or less steps. For lots of our projects we utilize the phase structure listed below:


1. Estimate Phase

In this phase, we meet and discuss your project needs. We take this information and create an estimate.  Upon agreeing, if your project requires permits, we fill out and file all required documents with your local municipality (Note: Permits can take up to 20 days or more to be approved.)

2. Design Phase

Next, we start the design of your layout which includes creating a 3D design and selecting your fixtures (cabinets, sinks, faucets, flooring, tub, tile, counter top, electronics, etc..). After the design and products have been determined, the products you select are ordered. (Note: Some products maybe strategically ordered at a different time depending on the project.)

3. Contract Phase

Once the permits are approved, we than move to signing the contract. The contract will have all details including payment structure, a start date and end date just to name a few. A day or two before the start date, all rentals and building materials will be delivered to the site.  All products ordered are expected to be on site as well.

4. Construction Phase

This is when the physical work starts; demo, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tiling, sheet rock, etc. This phase will also include inspections which we will be responsible for scheduling. We will be there to facilitate the inspection with the inspector, if necessary.

5. Finishing Phase

The final phase of the project is where we install all finishing items, do touch ups, tie up loose ends, clean up and schedule final inspections. After final inspections have passed and all work is completed, final payment is to be issued. We will take pictures of your project to showcase as well as request you write some positive reviews about the experience working with us.  Lastly, you are now enjoying your space.