Payments & Financing

Paying Easy >

Cash, checks, credit/debit cards accepted. Electronic payments are handled through Square and PayPal.

Card Payments


Square Payment Details >

Credit/debit card payments through Square is utilized as our main source for electronic payment transactions. While Square provides us with secure devices such as a card reader and contactless/chip reader, most invoices we send are sent electronically to a clients email for easy paying.  This allows us to be mobile and streamline.

More on Square's Security

Pay Pal Details >

 We utilize Pay Pal as a secondary means for electronic payments for credit/debit card payments.  Similar to Square, invoices are also sent electronically to a clients email for easy paying.  

More on PayPal Security

Financing a Project


Financing Overview >

Financing is offered through Synchrony Financial for any project type. It's quick, it's easy and it does NOT require any down payment.  Financing adds flexibility to your budget allowing you to choose the project you really desire.  With easy payment options available, more of our clients are choosing to finance.

Financing Basic Steps >

The steps needed to obtain financing are easy, fast and secure.  We'll direct you through the whole process in the following steps:

Step 1 - Before Construction

  1. See the payment options available including monthly payment
  2. Fill out the online application which requires a credit check
  3. Receive an immediate approval for credit
  4. Innozign will start construction project

Step 2 - After Construction

  1. After completion of construction, choose to use partial or the entire credit
  2. Select one of 4 payment options
  3. Choose the amount of credit you want to finance
  4. See monthly payment
  5. Lastly, we'll submit your transaction

It's that simple.  Payments are deferred until after the project is fully completed. 

(Note: The bank will perform a credit check in order to determine if you will be qualified)

Innozign's Financing Policy>

  • We ONLY finance construction labor and construction materials
  • We do not finance special/custom order products
  • We do not finance permanent fixtures or any products
  • Some possible financing limitations may be utilized

For more details on financing, do not hesitate to call us for more details.