Building an addition to your home is something you should not take lightly. Our clients choose to build additions for all different reasons but ultimately to increase space. Planning is the key to this project type. We put the entire project together from start to finish organizing each phase in order to finish on time and on budget.

What to Know



When deciding to build an addition, the very first thing you will need is an architect. Included with our service, we will set an appointment and meeting with a local architect at your home to discuss your project. What ever architect services you choose, they will handle all drawings, designs and zoning issues.


Most of our clients, if not all, don't know the cost associated with building an addition. Typically, when we meet with a client even before an architect is called, we are able to give a "ballpark" price range. Generally speaking additions can cost anywhere from $75 - $150 or more per square foot. The cost varies greatly depending on your needs, the structure of the existing building and product choices.

Product Choices

One of the things that allows us to be successfully and fast when building structures is our organization process. Whether you are adding a kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., before we even start construction every product is chosen and paid for before hand which allows the project to move smoothly. 

Temporary Moving Out

Moving out of your home during the construction of the addition really depends on the kind of addition that is being built. Typically, the heavy construction will be in the beginning so if moving out is required because of a roof being removed and plumbing being shut-off temporary, it will be in the beginning. We plan to move as quickly as possible during that phase and would plan it to be no longer than 1 - 2 weeks. Again, it depends on the kind of addition being built. 


Length of time for an addition to be completed could take from 3 - 8 months depending on the addition. The heavy construction happens in the beginning while toward the end of the project will be the installation of finishing items such as, trims, hardware, flooring, painting, etc. Toward the last month or two, the space should be very close to livable.