3D Designing

Professional Planning

Planning and building a project is an exciting process. We first start by measuring, taking photos and getting feedback from you. The information you give us is entered into our building software allowing us to draw out your space professionally. Whether you are looking to build a store front, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, finish a basement, a home theater or any room, we can design it. 

3D designing is a service we offer only with our major renovation projects which should consist of significant layout changes. The main goal is to offer a visual perspective to see placement of fixtures in the new layout. If fact, the very drawings and schematics we create for you to see are the same designs we submit to your local municipality along with permit documents. All designs created are too scale to ensure a realistic result. See your space in real time before we start the work. 

Oh...almost forgot to mention. Newly included with our 3D design images is a real 3D panoramic view allowing you spin around the entire room looking in all directions. It's really something to see.


Think It

Tell us your ideas and plans

Design It

We'll put it together

Live It

Well... you can use your imagination

The Designing Process

The layout >  With the measurements taken, we draw out a digital blueprint of your space which consists of sizing walls, ceilings, windows, doors and openings. We also roughly determine placement of all respective fixtures.

Fixture Placement >  Next, we place all respective fixtures into the floor plan. Fixtures consist of cabinetry, lighting, tubs, tile, toilets, sinks, counter top, etc. Our software along with the internet offers an almost unlimited selection of fixtures to choose from. We can also modify colors, sizes, shapes and textures just to name few.​

3D Render Presentation >  Lastly, we bring the design to life with a 3D render which is what we present to our clients. All designs created can be modified in case changes are wanted. 

3D Panoramic View

You think the 3D images above are amazing, see the same design in an interactive 3D panoramic view.

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