Ideas & Suggestions

When designing a project whether an interior decor, exterior decor, residential or commercial application, there are many options to choose.  See below for some options you may consider in your construction/remodel project.

Body Sprayers


Body sprayers offer a real therapeutic function. While great for custom showers, they are suitable for tub/shower applications as well. Available in a variety of sizes, finishes and spray options. Some can be easily interchanged after installed.

Lighting Controls


Used to zone lighting, save energy or set a mood. Works with most lighting types; incandescent, LED, halogen and florescent. They are offered in a variety of colors, types and power ratings.​ Decorative wall plates are available to add style. 

Heated Flooring


Uses very little power consumption. Installs under tile, carpet, floating floors, hardwood and cement flooring. A digital thermostat controls all settings including temperature.  Also helps keep room warm and cozy.  Very popular item to have.  

Under Cabinet Lighting


Showcase your back splash while illuminating the counter top. Choose between halogen, LED and florescent lighting.  Dimmable options available. Choose from a variety of types, colors and sizes.  



The raincan shower head usually installed face down offers a gravity fed water spray which mimics a heavy yet soft rainfall to completely immerse your body. For custom shower installs, we highly recommend this item. 

Range Hood


The range hood leaves the kitchen and home odor free from anything you cook on the stove top. They are available as ducted or ductless with many types to choose from. Offers a great look and function to any kitchen. 

Chromotherapy Tubs


Features a built-in color changing LED used for light therapy which affects ones mood, feelings or emotions while bathing. Included as an option with some jetted, air and combo tubs. Offers a very nice bathing experience.

Recessed Lighting


Adds a modern look to any space. Choose from a variety of types, sizes and finishes. Light beams can range from a wide floodlight to a narrow spotlight. Install lights to light or showcase a particular area. Dimmable options are available. 

Reclaimed Wood


Works well in any decor while adding a rustic feel. Available in many colors, textures and patterns. Expect no wood piece to be exactly the same. Each has it's own characteristic. Have it installed on your walls, floor or even use it as art. 

Decorative Wallpaper


Don't worry! This is not wallpaper from the 50's and 60's. Nowadays its become a popular choice for abstract walls. There are many colors, textures, patterns and even 3D murals to choose from. 

Heated Towel Rails


A great option for the bathroom especially during the cold winter months. Wrap your body after a bath or shower with a warm towel. Available in electric models or models that tie into your existing heated water radiator system. There are many colors, sizes, styles and shapes to choose from. 

Electric Fireplaces


Adds a great ambiance to a room. They feature digital displays that showcase realistic flames, operates as a heater to make the room cozy and also allows for custom settings of its features. Many types and options available. Some models are surfaced mounted while others can be recessed.